our staff

The staff and leadership here at Grantwood are here to serve. We would love to connect with you personally and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us with prayer requests, needs, or just to talk. We are here for you.

  • Paul Morrison, lead pastor

    November 12, 2008 Paul surrendered to God's call on his life to serve in vocational ministry. Since then he has set out to follow God's lead wherever that would take him. He has previously served as a youth pastor and has filled a number of both preaching and leadership roles in a variety of ministries.

    Paul received a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies from Scarborough College and a Master of Divinity with concentrations in Christian Ethics and Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently working towards a PhD in Christian Ethics and Biblical Theology. 

    Paul is driven by a passion for the lost and discipleship, and aspires to train others to think biblically. 

    When he's not in the pulpit, Paul enjoys catching an Indians game, a good cup of coffee, and spending time with his wife Sarah. 


  • Walt Blanchard, pastor

  • SARAH MORRISON, music director

    Sarah has led music in a number of ministries, and has a gift for giving old hymns a new sound. Sarah is a self-taught guitarist and singer, and loves to sing praises to her God. 

    Sarah received a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Scarborough College. In addition to her role at GCC, she also works as a staff writer for The Daily Grace Co.

     When she isn't leading worship, Sarah enjoys reading a good book, a hot cup of tea, and playing with her puppies. Paul and Sarah were married March 7, 2014.